Fruit Pouches

You may have heard that baby food pouches filled with fruit are no good because they contain too much sugar. Or the exact opposite: that the nutrients from fruit are so good, regardless of being packaged in pouches.

No matter what you choose, we want to leave you with some thoughts before you go grocery shopping.

What do you want your child to love?

We have an innate love for sweet tastes. By serving your baby sweet things on a regular basis, this love will be strengthened. Taste the baby food yourself and see if it’s too sweet.

Habits are formed early in life and it is easier to teach children to like different tastes and texture as soon as you start with solid foods, instead of waiting until they are 2 years’ old. When food is new, children are curious. When they approach the age of 2, they go into a natural phase of pickiness. Many parents find it difficult to teach children about bitter taste, so why not introduce that early when it is easier to get children used to the taste?

How is blood glucose affected?

You might have heard of the commercial slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry”? This is all about low blood sugar, turning us into little “monsters” wanting food NOW! A study on the effect of carbohydrates on mood shows that sweet carbohydrates alone have no positive effects and make you feel tired after about 30 minutes. (1) Children have a very large need for fat. For children between 6and 11 months, about 30-45% of energy comes from fat. (2)

Stable blood sugar = stable mood.

A small stomach?

Small children grow quickly, whilst being limited with space in their stomachs. Until your child is 6 months’ old, their stomach is as big as a strawberry. So, the food they get should be nutritious. A Norwegian mother-child analysis has shown that both iron, iodine, B12 and selenium are nutrients that should be in focus. There are lots of good nutrients in fruits and vegetables such as fibers, vitamin C and folate. Some of these nutrients are susceptible to high temperatures over time and disappear in the cooking process.

Vitamin C and folate are very sensitive to heat. To keep the nutrients in fruit, mix your own smoothie or buy cold-pressed.

What do the experts say?

  • A German nutritional commission recently assessed pasteurised pouches, highlighting the fact that 90% of the energy comes from sugar. (3)
  • They also emphasise the issues of drinking food, something that can prevent your child learning how to eat with a spoon or with her hands.
  • The Norwegian Helse Directorate endorses this view, noting that pouches do not contribute to the motor skills of chewing and that your child does not sufficiently experience smell, color and appearance of food. (4)

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So, what do you say? Would love to hear from you <3

Before setting up grogro, when I bought these pasteurised pouches for my children, I knew they were too sweet and the fruit was overcooked, without any quality fat. I always felt bad about it and tried to compensate by also giving some almond butter or bites of cheese. I wanted an easy solution and had nothing else to choose from…







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