The search for healthy baby food

Our story started a few years ago… 

The Beginning

After having her first child, Malin faced the challenge that most new mums experience. She wanted the best food for her daughter but was often in situations where she couldn’t prepare food at home and had to deal with the guilt of resorting to packaged baby food.
Malin’s passion for children’s health led her to become a Nutritionist. As she was keen to share her knowledge with other parents, she wrote a book on babies’ nutrition and started giving courses on the subject. Soon Malin realised that she was not the only one looking for a guilt-free alternative to homemade food and that most parents are frustrated with the packaged baby food on offer today. So, she decided to do something about it…
In July 2018, Malin started a baby food company in Norway with a clear mission: help parents offer wholesome food to their little ones, strengthening their immunity and supporting their development. This was not only about nutrition, it was also about empowering parents. For about half a year, Malin worked on developing her idea and the concept started taking shape. During this time, she received tremendous support and interest from parents. Malin knew precisely what she wanted to achieve but she needed a business partner to bring her vision to life!
A Meeting of Minds - from Oslo to London
Finding the right business partner was not easy. After several months of searching, Malin found her partner Rania in London by pure chance or rather serendipity.
Rania had been in the food sector as a business executive for several years. She discovered the importance of good nutrition for herself when she became a mum. She was set on supporting her son’s immunity in a natural way when he was little and so she became an avid learner of all things nutrition.
Beginning of 2019, Rania had come to the realisation that she wanted to setup and build a purposeful business in the food sector and she was looking for an idea. She spoke to friends and business contacts about her intention. In March 2019, as Malin was searching her Antler network for co-founders, Veena a mutual friend, connected the two. The timing was perfect!


This may sound like a cliché but from the first moment we got in contact, we felt we were the perfect founders match 🙂 We often joke that we are the exact opposites. Joking aside – we have a completely different and complementary skill set but we share common values and mutual trust. At the outset of our partnership, we spent days talking about our values and goals. We both agreed that we wanted to build a purpose-led business that creates a healthy start for children, empowers parents and is conscious of environmental impact.

In April 2019, we chose our company name ‘grogro’, embodying our mission around growth of children as well as that of parents. We have been working hard on developing the business since.

We are looking forward to keeping you up to date with our progress. Stay tuned!

With love,

Meet the team

Rania Guirguis

CEO and Co-Founder aka “Ms. Big Picture”

My role is to set the business goals and strategy, and grow the company profitably. I am a business consultant by training. I have worked in business development, performance improvement, organisation and process design, and strategy development with so many organisations (I lost count!). I moved to the food sector as Strategy Director in 2012. I am originally from Cairo and moved to London to further my career over fifteen years ago. I also worked and lived in the UAE, Switzerland and France. I love being with my family, enjoy Pilates and find great motivation in personal growth.

Malin Bruset

CIO and Co-founder aka “Ms. Creative”

After 18 years as an entrepreneur, I have found my passion in building a business that changes the way we think about baby food. I have a doctorate in Naprapathy, I am a nutritionist, a published writer in baby food and a public speaker. At grogro, I am responsible for innovation, product development, branding and sales. I was born and raised in Sweden, and live in Norway with my husband and two kids. I love tasty food and chocolate! I am also very interested in personal development.